welcome to our website!

We are a Hobby-Mixed volleyball team with different nationality. Some of our members are from Amadeus, but we also have external people being members of our volleyball section. We have a get together after beach volleyball for some drinks and food, which is at the same location (Ballhaus Erding) where we play.

The goal

The main goal is "FUN". We want to have a good team spirit, we don't focus on results.

The practice

We don't do professional training, we do some little warm-up first including some practice, but most of the time we play and have fun.

League games

We don't participate a league yet.


There is no additional cost beside the ASLC membership fee.


At the day we play, a mail is sent in the morning to collect feedback for participation. A confirmation is sent in the afternoon to confirm the practice.

New members

Everybody who has some basic skills in playing volleyball is welcome to join. The person to join can participate a free practice first and get an idea about us and the way we play.