Der Amadeus Sports & Leisure Club e.V.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our page. As the President of the ASLC I like to provide you some information regarding our club.

The ASLC is registered since 05.07.1990 in Erding “Register of Associations” as a non profit organization. Therefore everyone who is interested to participate on our club life is welcome to join us.

We are also a member of the BLSV (Bayerischer Landes –Sportverband).

The purpose of the ASLC is activities in the fields of sports and recreation benefiting the general public and, in particular, the social and cultural integration of all its members in the town of Erding. The mainly spoken language of the club is English because most of our members are from all over the world.

We provide currently the option to participate in the following sections like archery, badminton, basketball, music, squash, golf, football, snow & mountain, volleyball, tennis and the social section. It is of course also possible to open other sections in case some members like to celebrate a different sports activity and as long as this is in the frame of the acceptance of a non profit organization rule.

Please contact the section heads in charge of the individual section via the provided links and they will be ready to offer you more details regarding the conditions when joining the club.

Some of our members participated already on national and international tournaments and we are proud that one of our members from the archery section won already the title of a European and World Champion. Never the less, most of our members are enjoying the team spirit within the individual section and are not involved to play on a league level.

If you like to get more information from our club feel free to use the existing links and if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact me or one of our board members.


ASLC President

Josef Dengl